Can you change your signature, and if so, how? What there is to know.

Your signature dates from puberty and no longer suits you? You would like to change it but you don’t know if it is possible, or even how to proceed? Here are the steps to follow to have a new signature in his image.

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What is a signature used for?

According to article 1367 of the Civil Code, “the signature required for the completion of a legal act identifies its author. It agrees to the obligations arising from this law. When applied by an official, it lends authenticity to the act.” Hence the importance of finding a beautiful signature that perfectly matches your personality. But sometimes the signature of our childhood lacks modernity and should indeed be adapted. But do we actually have the right to change it?

Can you change your signature?

In life, there are many circumstances that make you want or need to change your signature: marriage, divorce or something else. And the good news is, nothing legally obliges you to keep your childhood or adolescence signature indefinitely. However, you can’t just change it on a whim. Some simple and quick procedures should be followed.

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How can you officially change your signature?

To have your new signature officially recognised, you must change this when renewing your identity card† This does not require it to reach the end of its validity, you can redo your document to easily change the signature. In this case, this service is paid and costs 25 euros† Before signing, it is preferable to have pre-trained to ensure that the new signature is to your liking and image.

As soon as your identity card has been renewed, you must: notify your bank to have a copy of your new signature captured. This is essential to approve your checks and other financial documents. Obviously, as soon as your signature is changed, you are required to affix it to all documents.

Now you know what to do. Did you like this article? Here is the procedure to follow if you are not already on the electoral lists.

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