Vegan Impact association convicted after broadcasting video of “4000 chickens in distress”

Convicted by the court of Beauvais (Oise) after the broadcast of shocking images taken in a farm of 40,000 chickens belonging to the Ferme du Pré group last September, the anti-speciesist association Vegan Impact has today been forced to delete them from its digital media. She also has to pay a fine of 3,000 euros, paid to the breeding farm.

The fate reserved for the “40,000 hens in need” of the Ferme du Pré did not move the Beauvais court in Oise (Hauts-de-France). The anti-species association Vegan Impact, which had captured images of this cultivation and disseminated it on the Internet, was condemned: in addition to deleting the images from its digital media, it must pay 3,000 euros to the Ferme du Pré to infringe the property right , reports the Parisian† The breeding had accused the association of having “track in the mud” and had filed a complaint after the video aired.

Vegan Impact will be appreciated

“To this amount are added 5,000 euros in costs, in particular the obligation to publish the judgment of the Tribunal in 3 national newspapers”describes the association in a press release published on February 14, before specifying that it would apply “immediate decision of the Tribunal” and appeal.

“During the trial, the court asked Vegan Impact to prove his innocence and reveal his sources. Of course we declined. At a time when parliament is enacting laws to protect whistleblowers, these signals are also worrying. †

Vegan effect

Vegan Impact denounces “a breeding-initiated gag procedure that had no other purpose than to silence us”† And to add: “We are not the first animal protection organization to be targeted by these proceedings. They are numerous at the moment and we have to face them. † In order to cover the costs demanded by the court and to continue its mission, the association then asks for the support of its supporters.

According to the Parisian, the breeding manager, Philippe Domet, declined to comment on the court’s decision. But he told the newspaper: “I want to forget this episode. It was very hard to live with, it’s something that leaves a mark. †

In the video released by Vegan Impact, we could see “chickens stacked on top of each other, on unsuitable equipment, featherless, with pale, drooping tops”the association recalls in its press release. “Other images showed many dead chickens. † The breeder, for his part, had then said: “staged”to remind the Parisiansaying he had none “nothing to be ashamed of”

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