Presidential 2022: Tinder launches operation to fight youth abstinence

Less than three months before the French presidential election, Tinder is working with the association A Voté to raise awareness among young people about voting rights. A new campaign targeting 18-25 year olds is launched on the dating app. Are you “swiping”?

Keep flirting, but don’t forget to vote. That is the message that Tinder wants to convey with its new collaboration with the association A Voted. Although the first round of the French presidential election is not far away, the dating application has decided to challenge the youngest users. She will be launching ‘Swipe Video Cards’, panels to learn more about the elections and the steps to follow to not miss the day of the vote. This Thursday, February 17 to April 8, a campaign will be launched among users aged 18 to 25.

By clicking on this famous “Swipe Video Card”, Tinder users are redirected to the “info” section of the A Voted association. A good way to remind them of the March 2 online voter registration deadline, remind them of the proxy system, and educate them more broadly about “poor electoral registration,” as Tinder points out in its press release.

“Democracy is a hot topic on Tinder in France, where the term ‘politics’ has surged nearly 59% in our members’ bios over the past 12 months”said Twitter France. “It is also more than 7 million French people who are wrongly on the electoral lists. One of the reasons most affecting the younger generation (representing nearly 50% of Tinder members) is their relocation for college or their first job. Improperly enrolled are three times more likely to abstain”they remembered too.

“Misregistration is a real Democratic bug that contributes to young people’s abstinence. The future of France cannot exist without the youth, for this the brake on the electoral participation of the citizens and citizens must be removed. This partnership with Tinder France sends a strong signal: together we can mobilize for a more open and more inclusive democracy, we need to bring democracy closer to young people, where opinions are formed and discussions are held. As of today, Tinder France and A Voted match the GenZ with the vote! ” stated the presidential duo of A Voted, Flore Blondel-Goupil and Dorian Dreuil.
This is not the first time that the Tinder application has been involved in the presidential election process. The group also raised awareness among its users in Brazil in 2018, in Germany in 2021 and in the United States in 2020.

(ETX Daily Up)

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