Telephone acquisition: how to block unwanted calls?

Mobile operators, advertisements, personal training account (CPF)… Who has never been the victim of unsolicited calls at least once in their life? If, like us, you are tired of these incessant phone calls, know that there are simple and effective solutions to protect yourself against them.

Block number

If you are not (yet) overwhelmed by these annoying calls, you can manually block any unwanted number. Android or Iphone devices offer this feature in the settings. For the first smartphones, the “Smart Calling” function indicates possible spam, and if you are on iOS, you can activate the “Silent calls from strangers” button.

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Download apps

Some apps automatically block spam. Useful when you spend your time manually rejecting calls from strangers. This software detects spam and blocks it if the number is registered in the database (red list). Result: if you are contacted for a screening, the screen of your smartphone will turn red. Here are some examples:

  • google phone
  • Orange phone
  • Do I have to respond?
  • true caller
  • Avira Security
  • and so on

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Subscribe to the Bloctel list

Another simple solution: subscribe to a red list. The Bloctel site, launched by the government, prevents you from receiving unsolicited commercial calls. The service is free and you can enjoy the services for three years. After this date, you must renew your registration. It’s less effective than the solutions recommended above, but why not give it a try? Just go here for that.

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As a reminder, the law of 24 July 2020 aims to regulate and combat unsolicited calls. Soon these fraudulent calls will be banned in France.

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