Unlimited bus, metro and train: Austria launches its “climate ticket” for 3 euros per day

One-way ticket for any public transport: this is the system devised by the Austrian government. Objective: to encourage the population to use public transport for a modest amount.

This Klimaticket, or “climate ticket” in French, costs 3 euros per day, or 24 euros per week or 1,095 euros per year, specifies DNA† It allows you to board all public and private transport in the country i.e. metros, buses, trams or even trains. The initiative was conceived by the government to encourage the population to use public transport in order to reduce CO2 emissions from the use of the car and other polluting individual modes of transport. Investment cost: 240 million euros, an additional 150 million euros per year of existence.

130,000 subscriptions in the first month

With such an investment, the success is there, as 130,000 people took out a subscription in the first month of the implementation of this Klimaticket, an initiative that is planned, among other things, in the Austrian mobility plan. Because the country has a purpose, remember DNA : Achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and reduce private car use in the country by 16%. What to emulate in the rest of Europe?

In Germany, the party of environmentalists has approved the establishment of a similar device in the country.

And you, would you like to have such an offer in France?

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