How do you get yellowed garden furniture back to the surface? Here are three natural tricks.

Winter can be a devastating season for plastic garden furniture, be it either stored outdoors or indoors. As a result, we often spend whole days getting tables, chairs and sun loungers above water. To make it easier for you, we offer: simple, effective and chemical-free tips.

Baking powder

We no longer present this white powder that works “miracles”. Useful in the home and garden, baking soda can add a shine to your plastic furniture that has yellowed over time. How ? In Mix 4 teaspoons of this white powder with hot water (soap or not). You can also add white vinegar for better efficiency.

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black soap

Second essential to have in your closet: black soap. To give your garden furniture a new look, you can: mix black soap, a few shavings of Marseille soap and a little hot water† If the result is not optimal, apply a good layer of black soap directly on the yellow spots and add a little baking soda† Leave on for a few minutes, even an hour and scrub with a sponge or soft brush.

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clay stone

Another natural and effective solution to make your garden furniture completely white again: white loam stone. Like baking soda, black soap or white vinegar, it is a natural ingredient with multiple virtues. All you need isapply a small amount of claystone to the yellow spots and scrub with a brush† It remains only to rinse with clean water. Do not hesitate to repeat the operation if necessary.

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There you go, you know what to do to have garden furniture like new. Did you like this article? Here are some simple and natural tips for maintaining your garden furniture during the winter?

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