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VIDEO. Sex worker, Libellule talks about her work on social networks

On social networks, the following words are banned: vagina, zizi, clitoris… So many obstacles to opening a real debate about sexuality and its industry. Dragonfly, a sex worker, is convinced that freedom of expression is necessary: ​​on Tik Tok and Instagram she finds excuses to talk about her work.

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Sex worker, quesako?

For 3 years now, Libellule, 24, has been earning a living on the internet by publishing sexual content: “It includes everything from camming, selling personalized videos, pink phones, black phones, dominance…”† For Konbinicshe deconstructs the prejudices surrounding her work: she explains that she loves her activity and that sexuality has long been an important part of her life.

“And no, I don’t sleep with people for money. There are girls who do it, it’s called prostitutes, and that’s okay! I don’t do it because I don’t want to. †

dragonfly for Konbinic

Like any job, sex work has rules: Libellule contracts with its clients for their virtual hookups.

On the Internet, a real problem » about sexuality

In addition to working in the sex industry, Libellule is: influencer on social networks. A company riddled with pitfalls: 5 of his Tik Tok accounts have been deleted, 6 of his Instagram accounts. Why ? Because topics related to sexuality are banned from the networks.

“I have received waves of hatred (…). People come to report my stories, report my posts because they don’t agree with what I stand for. †

dragonfly for Konbinic

What the young woman claims is that she can talk freely about sex, including with those who are against sex work. The position taken is clear: it in no way encourages women to pursue the same profession as they do, because “It’s called pimping and it’s punishable. † She makes her community (95% female) aware of the risks of sex work.

You can’t do it anonymously

Every month the young woman publishes a prevention video. Dragonfly insists: Sex worker is a risky job. Internet content is not protected and can fall into anyone’s hands.

“Your father, your mother, your brother, your sister, your cousins ​​will at least know. †

dragonfly for Konbinic

If Libellule has a fiancé and family who support her in her approach, she hasn’t waited for their approval to get started: ” it’s my body, it’s my life.

What if the role of social networks was no longer to comfort us, but to supplant us in our representations?

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