United States: Towards the Formation of a First Union in an Apple Store?

After Amazon or Starbucks, it is the turn of the employees of another multinational to create the event. On Wednesday, April 20, employees at a store in Atlanta, Georgia called for a vote on whether or not to form a union. An essential first step for those who want to defend their rights against the apple brand.

Called Apple Retail Union, the group of employees has formalized their request by filing a file with the agency in charge of labor law in the country, NLRB, we can read West France† The employees are supported in their approach by CWA, another trade union, that of the communication sector.

Next step: the agency must verify that 30% of the employees of the store in question support their comrades. But according to CWA, this procedure is only a formality, as a statement assured that 70% of store employees have signed a card to show their support.

Pending the organization of the vote to finally approve (or not) the creation of a union in this Atlanta store, other initiatives have also sprung up in other Apple branches, most notably in New York.

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