By 2025, IKEA will serve 50% vegan food in its stores in Singapore

In Singapore, IKEA is accelerating its vegan transition. The furniture giant has set itself an ambitious goal: to renew the menu of its restaurants to offer 50% vegan dishes by 2025. This initiative is part of the company’s sustainable development policy, as recalled by vegetarian, and it is accompanied by the launch of new vegan dishes. For example, among the novelties, Singaporean customers can discover vegan gyozas, launched from 15 to 20 May. Meanwhile, the plant-based version of IKEA’s famous meatballs is still available, as is the vegan schnitzel accompanied by spaghetti with tomato sauce.

In addition to greening its plates, IKEA Singapore plans to package its products only in renewable and recycled materials by 2030. The company is also expected to set up a showroom for used products and a rewards program for customers who donate or resell their products. used furniture instead of throwing it away.

The benchmark for kit furniture is investing heavily in the plant-based catering offer to reduce the ecological footprint. From what you can read on her site, the vegan dumplings she offers have “the look, taste and succulent texture of their meat counterparts, but only represents 4% of their climate footprint”† Elsewhere in the world, IKEA also plans to reach 50% vegan meals in its canteens by 2025. In addition, the Swedish company wants 80% of the options on its menu to be free of red meat.

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