Human solidarity and an elephant saying “thank you”: discover the tweets of the week #1

Animals, the beauty of nature or the togetherness that people can show: here is a selection of videos, spotted on Twitter.

In Poland, a local football team was playing a game and knew there was a young Ukrainian refugee in the stadium

It was the incredible moment when they invited him onto the field to score.

This 6-year-old was welcomed back to school after beating his leukemia

animals > people

Animals > people (part 2)

Watch to the end.

These jackdaws take a deer’s fur to build nests

The first kiss

Henry Richard, 20, lost his brother, Martin, in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing

He finished the #BostonMarathon yesterday and said he was doing it for his brother, himself and his family.

Sean Yoro’s wall art is very special because it can only be seen at low tide

This dance battle between Victoria Dauberville (ballerina) and Salif Crookboyz (dancer) is exciting!

A demonstration of why safety helmets are essential

This frozen Slovakian lake is so clear it looks like glass

This is Tiansheng Bridge, China

What a magnificent view.

In Brazil, a police dog came onto the field during a football match

The game was shut down for a few minutes during which he lived his best life.

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