United States: Planet Based Foods launches first hemp-based meat products

After the artichoke-based alternatives to meat, another innovation is coming to the US market: imitation meat products made from hemp. This novelty is signed by Planet Based Foods, an American start-up founded in 2019 by Braelyn Davis, Robert Davis and Ted Cash. The company has just launched the first range of frozen and 100% vegan products in which hemp is the main ingredient. It took nearly six years of research and development to develop this vegan “meat” made from hemp seeds, pea protein and brown rice.

Photo: Planet-Based Food

The result is tasty and comes in 5 products ranging from vegan burgers to plant-based “meat” “nuggets”. Planet Based Foods claims its vegan hemp alternatives are rich in nutrients and omega 3-6-9. Plus, they don’t contain soy, gluten, or GMOs. “Unlike others, Planet Based Foods does not try to imitate meat. We’re more interested in evolution than recreating anything from the past, which is why we’re proud to think of hemp as the plant-based superfood it is.”indicates the startup on its site.

As part of its commitment to reduce the brand’s environmental footprint and support local agriculture, Planet Based Foods only uses hemp grown in the United States. Branded products are available online for national shipping.

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