Normandy: Difficult students enter the world of work instead of being left out

In Condé-en-Normandie there is no exclusion of pupils who disrupt their lesson. Instead of punishing them by sending them back home, this Norman city had a surprising and instructive idea: send them to the world of work.

Strange punishment to have to sit at home for several days. The town of Condé-en-Normandie, in Calvados, is aware that exclusion is probably not the best solution to empower a young person with difficult behavior and has decided to reverse the trend. Goal ? Give them the chance to take charge.

Since December 15, 2021, the municipality offers difficult secondary and secondary school students the opportunity to spend up to three days in municipal services, the association “Les amis des Cheveux Blancs”, or in the fire brigade. In this way disruptive students can become acquainted with the world of work. It concerns three institutions: a secondary school and two colleges (public and private), for a total of 900 students.

“He will see what it is like to be face to face with people who sometimes have a short temper. This is a good option to take these students out of the context of their school. »

Florence Duquesne, elected municipal representative of the Local Security and Crime Prevention Council (CLSPD), at the Parisian

These young people may be required to spend a few days in the service of the municipality, if they have caused damage within the institution, at the fire service, if they have been violent against one or more comrades, or alongside the volunteers of the association for the elderly. , if they have been disrespectful to the staff. It all depends on the guilt and will of the teenager.

Indeed, these missions in the world of work are not mandatory, as Florence Duquesne explains: “Depending on the mistake of the young person, we adjust the proposal, which can be accepted or rejected by the student and his parents. »

A positive and inspiring initiative that deserves to be extended to other municipalities.

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