SNÖ Eternelle: 100% natural and French care for sensitive skin

Every day, our skin becomes vulnerable to the chemicals we apply. To tackle this problem, Raphaëlle Monod Sjöström decided to create SNÖ Eternelle, a brand of cosmetics made from 100% natural ingredients. Goal ? Providing a healthy and fresh alternative for all skin types, even the most sensitive. After 3 years of research to succeed in creating a range of essential care, the former mogul skiing world champion tells us more about her project! meeting.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Raphaëlle Monod Sjöström, founder of SNÖ Eternelle, a cosmetics brand organic, 100% natural and 100% fresh. Throughout my career as a professional skier, including 10 years in the World Cup and 3 participations in the Olympics, I was guided to naturally fend for myself.

So it was just as natural that I founded SNÖ Eternelle, a cosmetics brand Fresh organic luxury for sale in the most beautiful 5-star spas in the Alps. After 3 years of research and testing, I am launching a range of: 5 essential facial and body treatments.

Can you introduce us to SNÖ Eternelle?

SNÖ Eternelle offers a range of impeccable treatments:

  • 1. They are not formulated with 95% but with 100% ingredients of natural originwithout any additives or preservatives.
  • 2. They are cost as it is manufactured every 6 months and formulated without essential oils for sensitive skin.
  • 3. They are effective for the skin thanks to the active ingredients of our organic vegetable oils from the Scandinavian countries rich in Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9.
  • 4. They are cruelty-free, Made in France and packed in beautiful Bottles made of 100% recyclable glass and wood and even assignable!

The local production in small series guarantees the freshness of the care to the consumer.

5 essentials for a 100% natural beauty routine, ideal for sensitive skin:

  • MA CREME SOURCE – Moisturizing facial serum
  • MON HUILE ETERNELLE – Anti-aging dry face oil
  • MON BAUME MIRACULEUX – Nourishing, repairing, protective or make-up remover
  • MY SPORTS MASSAGE – Heating Concentrate


Why did you decide to embark on this adventure?

Because we unknowingly apply up to 400 chemicals to our skin, the largest organ in our body, every day. As a former high-level skier, I became aware of the harmful effects of chemicals in the fight against doping very early on.

I then became interested in natural care to treat my injuries or to protect my skin, which is overexposed to extreme elements, and which has become increasingly intolerant. And when I saw the number of allergies explode around me, this passion became a mission. So I went to the pioneering laboratory of organic cosmetics in France.


What message do you want to convey via SNÖ Eternelle

Let’s take care of our bodies and our skin by reconciling ourselves with naturalness, in all authenticity and without blah-bla!

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