Touching, cheerful or funny, here is the selection of the 22 most beautiful Twitter videos of the week

Poetry, love, good mood, surprises and beauty. Here’s everything you’ll find in this series of videos selected just for you by POSITIVR

A mother’s love

A baby elephant’s first steps

When @vegegoodfr share vegan recipes!

On their last day of school, the children thank the zebra crossing guard

A group of friends shave their heads in solidarity with their cancer-fighting friend

A young girl shares her coat with an isolated puppy

Aqueduct Veluwemeer in Harderwijk, Netherlands

The help of a big brother

This little boy has a lot of fun with the neighbor’s dog

Grandma Warning of the Year

animals > people

7-year-old girl rings the cancer bell after her 870-day battle with leukemia

Just a normal day in Alaska…

flying boat

The largest waterfall in the world

Animals > people (bis)

The kids…

Lijiang-Yunnan Province

Very nice

The most beautiful mother-son dance

Watch till the end

animals > people (ter)

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