To attend this hyper-realistic art exhibition, you had to come… completely naked!

Inappropriate clothing required! For one evening, to attend the exhibition ” This is not a body », there was one condition: leave your clothes in the dressing room. An event organized in collaboration with the French Federation of Naturism that opened a reflection on our relationship with the body.

Photo: Shutterstock. Hyper-realistic artwork by Ron Mueck, “Boy”

It was in March in La Sucrière, a former industrial building near Lyon city center. During one evening, a hyper-realistic art exhibition opened for naturists. Only journalists were allowed to enter the exhibition hall fully clothed. Konbini arts asked Alain Berobier, a 56-year-old civil servant in the simplest way:

“Perhaps what is special is the fact that this exhibition resonates well with nudity”.

Alain Berobier for Konbini Arts

Reference to the famous work of René Magritte (” this is not a pipe ” ) who questioned us about our relationship to reality, ” This is not a body this time questions our relationship with the body. The hyper-realistic artistic movement, which appeared in the United States in the 1960s, makes a meticulous description of nature: the public has to wonder whether it has to do with a living body. In this context, what is better than real naked bodies to mix with the representations of the artists?

Being able to literally expose yourself to otherscan we read in the invitation for the evening, it is primarily to challenge yourself, to overcome the fears and doubts you have about yourself† †

It is still possible to visit the exhibition until the beginning of June 2022… with your clothes on this time.

To be dressed or not, that is the question?

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