Agrifood scandals: this platform lists all recalled products

At Buitoni and Ferrero, recalls now follow one another. A few days before Easter, the warning for Kinder eggs could only sound. The ability to remind consumers that buying processed products is not always safe. While buyers’ concerns are mounting, the government is recalling the existence of the Rappel conso site, a platform launched in April 2021 to identify all suspicious products subject to recalls.

Salmonella in Kinder chocolates, E.coli bacteria in Buitoni pizzas, not to mention suspected listeria in cheeses… The past month will undoubtedly go down in the annals of the agri-food industry as the scandals made headlines in the press. However, let it be said, these memories are actually not that exceptional.

Results, it is not always easy for consumers to find their way… That is why the government has set up a platform over the past year to facilitate their access to this precious information. Just go to the Rappel conso platform to discover the unfortunately long list of so-called “dangerous” products. And food is not only in the crosshairs of the government. Memories of fashion, hygiene, beauty, childcare, cars or electronic items are also listed.


Clear information is given on the risks associated with these products: affected brands, recall reference and origin of the legal recall, geographic sales area, distributors, etc.

Which simplify the task of suspicious buyers and avoid the risks associated with the consumption or use of these products that are considered dangerous.

Visit the Conso Reminder website here for more information.

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