Tired of hearing national radio hosts rejoicing at the ‘great weather today!’

First heat peak of the year 2022. Temperatures continue to rise for a week, so much so that they crossed the 30 degrees mark, this Wednesday 11 May. While some are happy about this early summer, others are concerned about the future of the planet. This is the case of this journalist who is pushing a welcome rant on the web.

Christophe Gervais, journalist at The new republichas “sick of hearing national radio hosts rejoicing at the great weather today”† And it’s not for nothing that this summer weather is nothing “fantastic”† This is one of many alarming signs of climate change. To understand it all you have to do is look at our completely dried up watercourses.

On Monday, May 9, Christophe Gervais on Facebook expressed his anger and concern in a powerful post shared by more than 4,200 internet users. He expresses his fear of a water shortage and reminds everyone that collective consciousness is essential. Here’s the message in question:

[COUP DE GUEULE] Being tired of. Tired of hearing since this morning the national radio hosts rejoice “at the super…

Posted by Christophe Gervais on Monday 9 May 2022

“It’s May, it’s 30°C and the rivers are at their lowest! This is a great way to mobilize people around climate conservation

“I can live without sunflower oil. But if there’s no more water coming out of the tap in a few weeks, it won’t be the same

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