Texas: Three days after her disappearance, a 63-year-old woman is found thanks to her dog

It was not Saint Bernard, but a three-year-old black Labrador who made headlines in the United States in early May for the rescue of his mistress. For three days, the 63-year-old 63-year-old with dementia was off the radar. Thanks to her faithful companion, she was finally found safe and sound in a park in Houston, Texas.

Tuesday May 3 Sherry Noppe takes Max, her three-year-old black Labrador, for a walk in a large park near the city. But she never came back. The 63-year-old suffers from dementia, a syndrome that causes memory problems, difficulty performing daily tasks and disorientation.

Then a race against time begins to find the sixty-year-old. And the task isn’t easy… George Bush Park where Sherry Noppe was last seen is gigantic. More than 3,000 hectares, the equivalent of half of a city like Rennes, reports the daily West France

For three days, a rescue team combs the area with a fine-toothed comb. The eleven members of the rescue team were happily accompanied by Max, the missing woman’s dog. They are finally alarmed by the barking of the dog who has just discovered his mistress lying down.

“I think her barking made those people hear her and go to that area to find her. So yes, I believe he saved his life”explains with relief Justin Noppe, the brother of Sherry Noppe, to the local television channel KHOU.

Aside from a few minor cuts and bruises, the 60-year-old was unharmed when help eventually arrived. However, she was hospitalized due to dehydration.

“She is doing surprisingly well given the time she spent there and the weather conditions: the heat, the rain. We are very grateful”said Courtney Noppe, his daughter.

After all these emotions, Max, the new hero of the family, was, as it should be, rewarded with a big steak. A well deserved meal!

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