This is how companies mobilize for Ukraine

As the Russian military continues its offensive in Ukraine, several companies have decided to take action against Russia. From Apple to H&M via ASOS or Twitter, here are some examples

H&M is “besides all those who suffer”† The famous fast fashion brand, known for its cheap clothes at significant ecological costs, announced in a press release on March 2 that it was discontinuing its sales in Russia.

“H&M Group has decided to temporarily suspend all sales in Russia. Stores in Ukraine have already been temporarily closed for the safety of customers and colleagues. †


The Swedish company is not the first and only company to take action in response to the war in Ukraine. ASOS, another online fashion giant, the online streaming platform Netflix, Apple, Dinsey and Nike have also distanced themselves from Russia.

RT France boycotted by google

Google, Facebook and Instagram (Metagroep), YouTube, TikTok and Twitter are attacking the Russian means of communication. For example, Google no longer gives access to news sites funded by the Russian state, while the main social networks have also blocked the accounts of RT and sputnik in Europe, as detailed Le FigaroRT France also stopped broadcasting on Tuesday, March 2, as told by the Huffpost

These decisions are simply in line with those of the Member States of the European Union: on Wednesday, March 2, it was decided and made official in the Official Journal of the EU that the content in English, German, French and Spanish of these two media will no longer be broadcast on television networks or on social networks.

In France, the LVMH group has announced that it will donate 5 million euros to La-Croix-Rouge, reports the luxury diary† This financial contribution, qualified as a “first” donation, should be the first act of a series of other measures, among which psychological and financial support for the group’s employees in Ukraine has already been announced.

Faced with this wave of solidarity, other major companies should follow suit.

Do you want to help the Ukrainian people? This article tells you how.

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