He builds a fake radar to slow the cars in front of his house

To great ills, great remedies. Annoyed that cars drive full throttle in his street, a Belgian decided to place a fake radar in front of his house. And everything is much better since then… Explanation.

Peter Van der Gucht is 57 years old… and follows the ideas. Putting his sense of creativity at the service of safety, he built an ultra-realistic false radar with his own hands before placing it on his property so that it could be seen by all passing motorists.

In the columns of HLNhe explains the reasons that led him to do so:

“There is a speed limit of 50 km/h, but many drivers do not respect it. †

The local authorities had been made aware of the problem, but as no action had been taken, Peter Van der Gucht, encouraged by his neighbours, decided to take the bull by the horns. Ordinary.

“I work in a body shop. Making such a radar was child’s play for me. I downloaded some images from the internet and started working on them. Another neighbor printed the sticker of the company Gatsomer, which produces most of the radars in our country. After all, we wanted to make it as realistic as possible. †

He can’t hand out a fine, but he can scare speeders.

Posted by HLN.be on Sunday 27 February 2022

Cunning, the guy even thought of installing a fake flash.

“The flash is done with a remote control (…) I sit behind the window on the top floor, I see speed freaks approaching from afar. †

The question of the legality of such a device has arisen, but it is clear that if the machine is placed on private land, it would comply with the regulations in force in Belgium.

You have to admit that it is sometimes tempting to install a fake radar in front of your home.

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