This interactive map shows the short circuit points in your area

Do you want to buy your food in a short circuit, but you don’t know which points of sale to go to? This interactive and free online map will certainly help you

More and more French women and men want to eat local and seasonal food. Indeed, several opinion polls conducted in recent years among the French population underline an increased interest in this mode of consumption.

Even though households remain very attached to supermarkets (mainly because of comfort and habits), the supply of short-circuit shops continues to develop. And according to the UFC-Que Choisir association, it is a good alternative to supermarkets as far as it allows financial savings (-3% of the cost of a basket of seasonal fruits and vegetables bought in short circuit compared to the supermarket).

To help consumers access these outlets, UFC-Que Choisir recently launched an interactive map in partnership with INRAE. AMAP, farms, markets, agricultural cooperatives, solidarity shops… In total, this free online map lists 890 short-circuit points of sale throughout France.

Discover new alternatives to supermarkets

In just a few clicks, this device makes it possible to find food stores near your home and discover alternatives to supermarkets. The points of sale on the map are selected based on various criteria, such as the opening days, the variety and types of products sold or the presence of physical stores.

Consumers can provide new addresses to enrich the content, but also to report errors or an update (for example, if one of the indicated places is closed permanently). The map is updated twice a year, UFC-Que Choisir indicates.

(ETX Daily Up)

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