VIDEO. Remaining in Ukraine despite the war, this French bakery serves its customers for free

David Carbonnell, a Frenchman who has lived in Odessa for several years, has decided to stay in Ukraine. Shame when there is war. In fact, out of solidarity with his adopted country, he keeps his bakery open… and serves everyone who needs his products for free. Highlights a choice that commands admiration.

In the back room, ingredient stocks are visibly dwindling. But as long as he has enough to make and put in his windows, David Carbonnell wants to open his bakery every morning. Demonstration in this signed report TF1 where we see customers opening the door of his business after a night of sirens and warnings.

Look :

War in Ukraine the generosity of the French baker of Odessa

Since the beginning of the war, everything has been free at this French bakery in Odessa. Look .

Posted by TF1 Info on Wednesday, March 16, 2022

David Carbonnell, at the microphone of TF1explains the reasons that have pushed him to stay put so far:

“The Ukrainians have welcomed me well. I was greeted with a heart and a smile. When I opened my business here, it was working. So if I can help by doing what I do, I’ll stay.”

One of his clients, who expressed his gratitude:

“David is a very positive and very funny person. It is always a pleasure to visit him.”

David Carbonnel will remain in Ukraine as long as the situation allows. Exemplary dedication.

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