This funny and quirky video denounces sexism in interviews with business leaders

“How do you deal with the impostor syndrome? †“What does your morning routine look like? † These kinds of questions are still too often asked of female leaders of large companies. And if we ask them to the big bosses? In a funny, quirky and edifying video, SISTA and Mirova Forward question the difference in treatment that women and men face towards the media at the head of large companies.

In three minutes, the video of SISTA, a group that reduces the funding inequality between female and male entrepreneurs, and Mirova Forward, the equity fund of the pioneer of sustainable finance, summarizes the absurdity of the questions posed to the directors of large groups. be made. to entrepreneurs. Comments about their outfit, questions about the mental load or their beauty routine are still legion.

So when actress Allison Chassagne (creator of the YouTube channel Glamouze) improvises as a journalist to question the big bosses of French companies about their doubts and their ability to reconcile professional and family life, her audience remains stunned. Between laughter, raised eyebrows and surprised looks, the reactions of Xavier Niel (Iliad-Free), Thierry Déau (Méridiam), Nicolas Hiéronimus (L’Oréal) Frédéric Mazzella (BlaBlaCar), Cédric O’ (Secretary of State), François-Henri Pinault (Kering), Jean-Marie Tritant (Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield) and Philippe Zaouati (Mirova) reveal how far off these questions are.

“Very Subtle” Prejudice

As a result, by highlighting the biases in the media’s treatment of women leaders and entrepreneurs, this brilliant campaign reveals their impact on preserving gender inequality in the professional environment. Produced by the editorial communication agency Mots Clés, it is based on an analysis of a corpus of 118 articles (interviews and portraits of managers) from 19 generalist, economic and financial titles and titles of women’s presses.

The analysis reveals 5 recurring biases in interviews with women leaders : the exceptional nature of their position is often pointed out, their role of mediation in the company is challenged against action for men, women are rarely questioned about their technical expertise, on the other hand, their vision of feminism is mentioned in one of the three articles and the expression “young woman” occurs 5 times more often than the expression “young man”

“It’s extremely subtle,” Tatiana Jama, entrepreneur and co-founder of the SISTA collective, explains to franceinfo. It’s not obvious misogyny. And because it’s all subtle, no one really realizes it. That’s why our guests are so surprised. They didn’t know and I don’t think most people realize it. †

“Unconscious biases are very difficult to dispel and are a formidable barrier to the promotion of women in the workplace. We believe that the press can play an important role in correcting these prejudices. That’s why we wanted to support awareness and encourage journalists to ask less stereotypical questions or, conversely, to put everyone on an equal footing. †explains Anne-Claire
Roux, director of Mirova Forward.

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