London City Hall wants to involve men in the fight against violence against women

London wants to fight violence against women and especially to tackle the toxic behavior of some men. Through an information clip, the town hall of the British capital wanted to question men about their behaviour. A campaign called #HaveAWord.

“In this country – and in our city – we are currently dealing with an epidemic of violence against women and girls. In the UK, a violent man kills a woman every three days. We can change that. We need to change that. And as men, that starts with thinking about our own behavior and how we see, treat and talk about women. We all have a responsibility to raise our voices to keep women and girls safe.” On the London City Hall site, Sadiq Khan’s campaign shows its values. The Mayor of London was heavily in this month devoted to women in history. The title campaign designed for social networks, #HaveAWordchallenges men on their behavior when it comes to violence against women.

This campaign has been hailed on social media for finally calling on men to reconsider their attitudes and voice their opinions when they witness these situations. On Twitter, the official FIFA account even shared the short film: “The powerful message against violence and harassment against girls and women can apply to any city in the world”can we read on the tweetand close with the campaign slogan: “If you see it happening, #HaveAWord with yourself. And then with your friends”

Keys to better fight violence

The clip was first broadcast on Monday, March 14, during halftime of the Crystal Palace v Manchester City game at Selhurst Park. London football clubs supported this campaign against violence against women.

On the London City Hall site, the project lists the tools to recognize abuse and the keys to better combat it, while answering many questions such as what is misogyny, and sexist expressions to be avoided.

In 2021, a survey found that 97% of young women in the UK have experienced sexual harassment in public places. At that time, the 97 movement was launched on social networks after this study and the death of Sarah Everard, a young Briton who was raped and murdered by a police officer.

(ETX Daily Up)

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