Ukrainian dogs get a ton of kibble collected by a Loire association

A humanitarian “catastrophe”. Since the start of the war in Ukraine, more than 3 million people have sought refuge in neighboring countries, alone or in the company of their families… and their pets. Dogs, cats and other four-legged friends also cross the Ukrainian border to seek refuge abroad. In France, associations are mobilizing to help these exiled animals and give them a dignified welcome. Example with “Lou Chi et Compagnie”, which organizes solidarity collections.

In the Loire, solidarity is organized for refugees from Ukraine, whether they are people or not. The Lou Chi et Compagnie association, based in Périgneux, has decided to launch solidarity collections to help exiled people and their pets, as reported France Blue

The shelter has already collected more than a ton of kibble for Ukrainian dogs and cats. But that’s not all, medicines, transport boxes and bowls were also recovered by the association, which also received clothing, baby products and food. “We are going to transport all this to the Dauphiné SPA in Grenoble and they are the ones who will transport it to the Polish border and the shelters in Ukraine.“explains Frédérique Juvan, president of the association, on the local radio.

Preparing for the arrival of refugees and their animals

After a first collection organized in the Intermarché store in Montbrison, Lou Chi et Compagnie wants to multiply this type of operation in order to double the donations. Objective: to provide food to Ukraine but also to prepare for the arrival of Ukrainian refugees in France and their animals. “We know that people have arrived and will come with animals. This Saturday a family will arrive with a cat and a dog” confides Frédérique Juvan, explaining that the shelter plans to have some kind of “food Bank”

The association has already sent kilos of donations to the Du Forez association in Ukraine, which will give them to refugees. Other collections are planned, indicates: France Blueand they will be posted on the association’s Facebook page.

Lou Chi et Compagnie also wants to support people in exile and their animals in the field of health. In particular, the shelter staff will assist animal owners with administrative procedures related to vaccination obligations and free veterinary consultations will be set up. The organization will also open participation pots to help fund healthcare, reports France Blue

A great example of solidarity.

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