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How to react if you encounter a fox in the city? 4 valuable tips to apply.

Crossing a fox in your yard or in the center of your city isn’t that rare if you live in the countryside. But this unusual encounter is much less common in urban areas, at least earlier. Because for some time now, the animal has been observed more and more in the big cities, which should not reassure the local population. Marc Giraud, naturalist and spokesperson for the Association for the Protection of Wild Animals (ASPAS), offers his valuable advice on how to react if you encounter a fox in town.

Do not be afraid

Sure, coming face to face with a fox can impress more than one. But if you are faced with this situation, keep calm because chances are this ferocious animal is more scared than you. In addition, contrary to popular belief, the fox does not carry as many diseases as we imagine. Echinococcosis (or fox tapeworm), a serious parasitic infection, is “very rare” according to Marc Giraud.

Don’t chase it, don’t pull it on

A fox is not a cat or a dog. It’s a wild animal. If he gradually begins to visit our cities, it is not to interact with us, but for various reasons: to find food, to escape possible predators or to protect himself from hunters. So if you come across one in your yard or on a street corner, leave it alone.

Do not touch it

“Don’t touch a wild animal, it’s a general rule”, explains the naturopath. And for good reason, being unaccustomed to human presence, the fox (like any other species) can react violently, especially when it feels in danger.

Don’t feed him

While this practice is not prohibited, it is strongly discouraged. The reason ? Feeding a fox may make it too familiar. He must remain suspicious of humans and keep their presence to a minimum to protect him from hunters. As a reminder, the fox is a “likely to cause harm” species and can therefore be hunted all year round and without restriction, as the Association for the Conservation of Wild Animals (ASPAS) laments.

To discover Marc Giraud’s interview, go below (a signed video BFM TV):

How to react if you encounter a fox in the city?

🦊 A fox in Balard, another in Orly or at Père-Lachaise… How do you react when you encounter a fox in the city?

Posted by BFMTV on Monday 31 January 2022

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