Thanks to these innovative design agencies, parents can take their baby to the library

Public places are rarely adapted to the lives of parents. This often makes it difficult to leave the house with a child under one’s arm for personal activities. However, with a little will and imagination we could remedy this perfectly. Demonstration with this beautiful library, some of which are offices equipped with individual play areas for children.

This library is that of the County of Henrico in Virginia (United States). It was built in 2019. When the director noticed that many parents consulted computers with a child on their laps, she decided to simplify their lives by bringing in Shannon Wray, a creative and inspired designer.

Photo: TMC Furniture

Thus, in collaboration with the company TMC Furniture, the Fairfield Carrelan office consisting of a classic workspace AND a playground with a whole range of small activities for the child while mom or dad works or cultivates himself in front of his computer screen.

Results ? Astonished and delighted parents, this enthusiastic tweet shows:

“New library in my neighborhood (…) I’d never seen anything like it. »

Photo: TMC Furniture

On its website, TMC Furniture recalls the origin of this project:

“Staff noticed that parents with toddlers or babies in prams could not easily use the computer workstations in the adult reading room of the library. In addition, their young children interfered with the work of other users. »

Photo: TMC Furniture

Thanks to such an initiative, this problem has been solved and parents can take care of their children without giving up the pleasure or need to go to the library. Well spotted!

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