Justice recognizes the parental authority of four parents. A first in France.

This is a first in France. Justice has granted two couples parental authority over the two children they are raising together. According to information from Stubbornlythe Paris court ruled on January 7 that the “four way parenting project” of these two couples was thoughtful and comprehensive.

“It’s a few women and a few men, friends”explains to Stubbornly lawyer Caroline Mécary, responsible for the file. “They decide to have two children together. The children are born and all is well, but the non-biological parents cannot exercise parental authority. Hence their requests for delegation of shared parental authority. »

Specifically, the non-biological parents of each of the two children are recognized as responsible for their upbringing, their protection and they can make decisions about their health. For the lawyer, the decision of the French judiciary is: “an acknowledgment of the reality of this family configuration”.

The deliberation, consulted by Stubbornlyacknowledges indeed that “Matters [des enfants] to enable Catherine and Luc to make the urgent decisions needed in the event of Alexandra and Julien’s absence and incapacity.”. [1]

But as the media specifies, the grant of shared parental authority does not confer parental status or establish parentage between adults and their non-biological children. Parental authority also disappears for the majority of the two children. A simple adoption can then be considered by the so-called “intended” parents.

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