“He’s our little hero”: At the age of 2, this child saves his family from a fire

At two years old, little Brandon is the pride of his parents. And rightly so, without him the Dahl family might not have survived the fire that destroyed their home. Light on this heartwarming story.

On the night of January 15 in Alvord, Texas, the worst was narrowly avoided. While the Dahl family slept soundly, parents and five children, a fire broke out due to a gas heater in the house. But neither Nathan nor Kayla Dahl were challenged by the smell of smoke. And for good reason, positive for Covid-19, the couple had suddenly lost their taste and smell. In addition, none of the nine smoke detectors in the home went off.

Of the seven family members, only two-year-old Brandon was awakened by the smell of burning. At 4:30 a.m., the little boy burst into his parents’ room and yelled: “Hot mom, hot mom!” »according to New York Post. Thanks to the reaction of the youngest, the whole family was able to evacuate on time and without injuries.

“We only had a few seconds. It’s nothing short of a miracle. […] He saved our whole family. He is our little hero. »

Kayla Dahl, quoted by the New York Post

The house went up in flames. But most importantly, thanks to Brandon, the whole family is safe and sound.

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