How do you know if your fruits and vegetables contain too little water? Here’s a simple and foolproof tip.

With temperatures constantly rising, it’s not easy to know when to water your vegetable garden. To prevent fruits and vegetables from getting too much and too little water, there is a very simple and effective trick. There she is !

How do you know if your plants are thirsty?

Wondering if your tomatoes, zucchini, peppers or strawberries need more water? It’s not easy to know the answer unless the leaves are yellow and completely withered (never wait that long).

So to know when to water your fruits and vegetables, here’s a: quick, old and foolproof trick : Push your finger or a wooden stick into the soil near the roots to check the moisture level. If it comes out dry, it means you need to water your plants urgently. On the contrary, if it is wet and full of soil, there is plenty of water. Good news, this trick also works with your green houseplants.

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When should you water?

If you find that your fruits and vegetables need water, don’t water them during the day (between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.). And rightly so, this is when the sun is most intense and the water is at risk of evaporating before it even penetrates the ground. Best for watering early in the morning† Check out our helpful article to learn more about the best time to water your plants.

Voila, you can now become the king or queen of the water. Did you like this article? Here’s how to spot a lack or excess of water on your plants.

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