Brest: A mother launches a national appeal to find her disabled son’s dog

It would just be a trip to Texas. But in the end, the 6-year-old cocker spaniel never returned to his home near Brest. Desperate, his family calls for help to find him.

On January 7, Texas and the other family dog, a husky, used a half-open gate to roam around Gouesnou, Finistère, without their owners. But only after a few hours did the husky return, alone, “breathless and confused”as his mistress tells Brest side. Everything points to the theft for Véronique.

And if this disappearance is so upsetting the family, it’s because Texas is a “reference dog.” Indeed, it belongs to the son of Véronique, twenty-two years old and suffering from Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, a rare disease close to autism.

Texas tells him when his medical taxi arrives in the morning. He is always there for him and accentuates his daily life. »

Véronique, quoted by Côté Brest

After informing the gendarmes and the vets of the region, the family is today launching a national appeal to find their dog. Texas is a black cocker spaniel with white “tie” hair. He wears a red and white collar.

If you see him, please contact Véronique on 06 18 25 14 42.

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