Slovenian start-up Juicy Marbles launches its limited-edition vegan “filet mignon”

The start-up Juicy Marbles has just launched the sale of its vegan “filet mignon steak” on its website, before it rolls out more widely in retail and restaurants. A first limited series of 1,000 packs will be offered by the brand exclusively to European customers. The Slovenian food tech assures that its product is a world first in the sector: a whole piece of vegetable “steak” in the style of filet mignon with fat marbling.

Juicy Marbles has used protein texture technology to replicate texture and thick ribs, similar to conventional filet mignon. The company has applied for a patent on the process. Juicy Marbles’ Filet Mignon is touted by the brand as “the most tender plant-based meat you can get.” It contains no ingredients of animal origin, is enriched with vitamin B12 and has a protein content of 23g per 100g. For every package sold, the company promises to plant a tree through a partnership with Ecosia.

This first launch follows the startup’s recent $4.5 million fundraising campaign, which plans to release the same number of packs in the US ahead of its official retail rollout.

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