Nantes: a woman jumps off a bridge, a passerby throws herself into the water to save her

It is an act of courage to be commended. Witnessing a fall from a bridge, a young woman from Nantes did not hesitate for a second to jump into the water to help the victim.

The offenses took place on Thursday, February 24, around 1 p.m. While walking near the Anne de Bretagne bridge, between the city center and the island of Nantes, a young woman of twenty-five saw a person accidentally or voluntarily jump into the Loire. That day the river was particularly cool and agitated by the storm Eunice that has just hit western France.

Photo: Shutterstock

Witness the scene and despite the danger, Nantes’ wife jumped into the water to try and save the woman in her forties. Despite the speed of the current, they both made it to shore before help arrived. They were transported by the fire brigade to the University Hospital of Nantes with minor injuries.

Bravo for this saving gesture.

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