Shea, aloe vera, olive oil: three natural ingredients against dry skin

If sun protection is essential when packing your suitcase for the big holiday departure, you should also use moisturizing products to combat the harmful effects of the sun. Abandon cosmetics with elaborate formulas, this year we are focusing on natural ingredients with much more powerful nourishing properties. With shea, aloe vera and olive oil you are sure to show off baby skin when you go back to school.

In search of a more authentic beauty, and less harmful to health, consumers are once again turning to the many ingredients from Mother Nature’s riches. Short formulas are attractive, as are ‘single-ingredient’ products, and even more so Do It Yourself (DIY) that gives access to the total transparency that an increasingly demanding audience is seeking. At the beginning of the summer season, here are three natural ingredients with multiple virtues that will meet all expectations of dry and dehydrated skin.


If you have to pick just one beauty product essential for your vacation, bet it all on shea. Not content with nourishing and moisturizing dry skin, it proves to be an ideal ally against the harmful effects of the sun and even helps to prolong the tan. Provided, of course, that you raw, unrefined shea butterto take full advantage of its benefits.

Shea butter is a natural moisturizer that is suitable for all skin types and all parts of the body (including hair). Rich in vitamins, including vitamin A, it deeply nourishes the skin, regenerates it and promotes elasticity. Indispensable all year round, shea is even more so in the summer. Since it contains a natural latex, it also prevents sun allergies and soothes irritated skin (itching, razor bumps, sun, insect bites), while prolonging the tanned complexion thanks to its many active ingredients.

The aloe vera

In the fall of 2021, a study placed aloe vera at the top of the most sought-after skincare ingredients in no fewer than 37 countries around the world. A real success that the succulent mainly owes to its strong moisturizing power, which makes it an indispensable ally throughout the summer season. Thanks to the high water concentration aloe vera meets all expectations of dry and dehydrated skin by the sun, the pool or even seawater.

And to top it off, aloe vera stands out by not leaving a greasy film on the skin. A noticeable detail during the strong summer heat. But the plant also shows other virtues, be it acne-prone skin, irritated and sensitive skin or even mature skin. It participates in the fight against skin aging. A natural moisturizer that adapts to almost all needs and skin types.

Olive oil

Essential in the kitchen, olive oil is already known for its many health benefits. Yet it is also essential for the beauty of the skin. It’s not about smearing olive oil on the beaches of France and Navarre – though – but about natural cosmetics based on the precious nectar or take advantage of the many solid variations, including the traditional olive oil soap.

Olive oil is particularly rich in antioxidants and is not only unanimous for its moisturizing and nourishing properties. It is also valued for its anti-aging and soothing properties, especially soothing irritated skin or skin prone to redness. Benefits recognized by almost all civilizations since ancient times.

(ETX Daily Up)

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