In the United States, internet searches for “How much does a vasectomy cost” increase by 250%

Since the Supreme Court’s dramatic reversal of the right to abortion, Internet searches for vasectomy have skyrocketed. Waiting lists in urologists’ offices are growing unexpectedly.

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For Americans already considering vasectomy as a contraceptive, the recent annulment of Roe v. Wade, who had guaranteed the right to abortion since 1973, only lit the fuse. As a result, the number of consultations for vasectomies is only on the rise, especially in conservative states particularly threatened by restrictions on abortion, such as Texas, Florida, Missouri, Ohio, and Tennessee.

Vasectomy is a method of male sterilization that: “consists of cutting and blocking the vas deferens that carries sperm from the testicles”, the site specifies A technique that does not prevent ejaculation.

Full until the end of August

Asked by the Washington PostDoug Stein, a Florida urologist, explains that he has received between 12 and 18 vasectomy requests every day since the Supreme Court announcement, compared to 4 to 5 before this legal and political turnaround. His agenda is full until the end of August. According to his partner, 60 to 70% of patients trust that their decision has been prompted by recent events.

In Missouri, reports ABC newsdr. Christian Hettinger, a urologist in Kansas City, says his office was bombarded with phone calls asking for information about the procedure.

Since the publication of the Supreme Court preliminary draft by the site PoliticsInternet searches for this surgical procedure have increased by 99%, the media reported in early May. Today† When asked “How much does a vasectomy cost” the figure increases by 250%!

An impressive boom that Dr. Esgar Guarín, interviewed by the Washington Post, temporizes. Indeed, the urologist recalls, periods of sharp increases have already been observed during the 2008 financial crisis or the onset of the health crisis in 2020. “When something like this happens in the news, we have a peak,” he concludes.

Either way, this proves that endangering women’s right to abortion is a major upheaval in society. And men are also affected.

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