How do you sort your waste properly?

For some, sorting their waste has become a simple gesture, for others it is just the start of an environmentally friendly approach. If you are one of those who still struggle to choose the right trash can, this practical article should help you see it more clearly. To your notes!

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organic waste

For an ecological and responsible approach, buy a composter† They come in all sizes to suit both small apartments and houses. This precious everyday tool makes it possible to recycle organic waste and more specifically fruit and vegetable peels (provided that you do not put these 7 waste materials inside). The rest of the food (prepared meals, pasta, rice, meat, fish, dairy products, etc.) ends up in the garbage can

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Plastic, cardboard and paper packaging

In order to combat plastic pollution (which in France accounts for almost 4.5 million tons per year), it is absolutely necessary to clean our bottles, flasks, food packaging (jars of fresh cream, yoghurt, ice cream, trays of ham, etc.) and all other paper and cardboard waste. There is only one rule for this: go to the yellow trash can† Metal cans and aerosols should be disposed of in the same container.

Glass packaging

What about glass packaging: wine bottles, beers, sauce jars, cosmetics…? The answer is simple, just like with organic waste, plastic, cardboard and paper, glass must be sorted separately† Besides, you can’t go wrong, for the simple and good reason that the right ones container is… GREEN

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other waste


Bulky metal objects such as pipes, bicycles, kitchen utensils, etc. should be thrown away at the garbage dump† When in doubt, ask for advice from a real estate agent on site.

electronics and electrical

WEEE (ie waste electrical and electronic equipment) should not be thrown in the trash. You have to deposit them in a gathering place† Turn right here to find the nearest drop-off point.


Have you just mowed your lawn or trimmed your hedges and you don’t know what to do with this green waste? You have two ecological solutions: throw them in a dump or them convert into compost or mulch to take care of your garden in a natural way.

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The furniture

You want to get rid of an old piece of furniture and can’t sell it? You can give it or drop it off at the garbage building† Even if you live in the city, a large waste container usually goes through your streets to pick up furniture (on average once every two weeks).

As you will have understood, sorting your waste is a simple and precious gesture.

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