Sea Shepherd launches a cat to rescue the beluga lost in the Seine

The clock is ticking for the beluga who has been lost in the Seine for a week. The cetaceans struggling to feed are showing clear signs of weakness. Hence the urgency to take action to reintegrate it into its natural environment. Next Tuesday, August 9, a large-scale operation is planned to begin the return to the open sea. To fund this, Sea Shepherd is calling on the generosity of the French people.

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The starving mammal won’t be able to survive long in the Seine, the experts are sure. to help him, “An incredible cohesion has been created, with people with very different profiles, skills and even world views, united in a common goal: to give all these opportunities to this beluga”explains the NGO Sea Shepherd in a Facebook post.

The goal: to avoid the tragedy endured by the orca Sedna that had lost its life in the same river a few months earlier. “After the painful story of Sedna, the orca lost in the Seine who was not helped, this beluga will benefit from an unprecedented deployment of resources and energy, long before it is out of the forest”continues the organization for the protection of marine ecosystems.

“Our goal would be to extract it as soon as possible.”

“We thought it possible to think about transport to sea”declared Isabelle Dorliat-Pouzet, Secretary General of Eure Prefecture in a press conference on Monday, August 8. “Veterinarians and researchers have indicated that it can be tried in the interest of the animal. We’re working hard on it. Our goal would be to get it out as soon as possible.”

Last chance operation for the beluga Today a large-scale operation, complex and not…

Posted by Sea Shepherd France on Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The operation will start on Tuesday, August 9. The cetaceans will be moved to a saltwater pool for a period of care before being released.

“Today’s major operation will be to move the beluga, which is more than 150 km from the sea, to a saltwater basin better adapted to its physiology to benefit from medical surveillance and medical care. It’s a matter of determining whether the disease it is exposed to that prevents it from feeding is something we can help it with or whether its disease is incurable.

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Sea Shepherd calls a “last chance surgery” for the marine mammal, used to icy and salty currents. To finance it, the NGO itself has released 30,000 euros from its own budget for awareness-raising campaigns. In order to continue to ensure its functioning, the organization therefore appeals to the generosity of the public. She launched a crowdfunding kit on the Hello Asso platform. More than 10,000 euros has already been raised.

Go here to participate in the rescue of the beluga whale.

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