By day girl, this young French woman tracks down pedophiles by night

Neila, mother of three, is a cleaner by day and a pedophile hunter by night. This French activist has been the source of some 60 arrests and some 20 convictions in the territory for three years now. Light on his struggle that commands respect.

Nothing predestined this thirty-seven-year-old mother to such a calling. However, in 2019 she has a revelation. to discover Zandvoort, the file of shame, a documentary by Serge Garde demonstrating the existence of pedophile networks, the 30-year-old decides to fight this ever-growing scourge. How ? By joining Team Moore, a civic collective founded by Steven Moore, that fights against pedocrime on the internet. This father is behind the arrest of an 85-year-old pedophile in Reunion.

Lucia, 13 years old

From now on, Neila practices her job as a cleaning lady during the day, and as soon as the sun goes down, she puts on a double hat: pedophile hunter. To expose predators and sexual predators, she spends her nights on Facebook. To respect the law, Neila has to post her own photo by applying a filter that rejuvenates her. And since phishing is banned in France, she also has to content herself with replying to suspicious messages sent to her. On social networks, her name is no longer Neila, but Lucie, and she is 13 years old. In total, the mother spends 40 to 50 hours a week behind her screen.

For three years Neila has traded with many people. But for her, there are two different categories: those who directly send videos with sexual content and the fake guardian angels who “try to manipulate the child by explaining that they are falling in love”, the mother of family explains to our siblings from Shame.

Once she has enough evidence to charge a pedo criminal, Neila puts together a solid case that she sends to the gendarmerie. These elements are then sent to the public prosecutor. When the person in question is not arrested, the detective himself goes to the meeting place to carry out a “citizen arrest”, a legal method in France.

A year ago, Neila was the source of 65 arrests and 26 convictions, including two years in prison for an individual. Numbers that send shivers down your spine.

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