Rossignol launches its 75% recyclable skis

Like many companies in France, Rossignol declares to be sensitive to the effects of climate change. The Isère brand has recently presented its new range of skis, which are more environmentally friendly. Called “Essential” it will be officially launched in September 2022 and will be inaugurated with 75% recyclable skis, compared to 6 to 7% currently, we can read in the gallery

“This ski is designed with only seven materials, 62% from recycled or bio-sourced materials”explains Vincent Wauters, chairman of the Rossignol Group. “In addition, we have joined the Rhône-Alpes company MTB, a specialist in recycling, to develop a process for crushing, sorting and separating materials. For conventional skis but also and especially for our new skis”

The company’s approach is designed to be progressive and should extend to all the equipment needed for skiing: namely boots, poles and clothing.

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