VIDEO. They swim with the most dangerous sharks in the world to break the myth of the killer shark

No, the shark is not the human eater depicted. To prove it, four friends have decided to discover the most dangerous species in the world. A rich, dangerous and courageous journey.

The adventurers Jérôme and Benjamin, the cameraman Armel and the diving teacher Cyrielle had a shared dream: to swim with sharks. It was therefore only natural that the four Bretons sailed from Brest to Central America. Objectively ? Breaking the persistent myth of the killer shark.

Since January 2019, these marine fauna and flora enthusiasts have been sharing their excursions on their YouTube account “Lords of the Ocean”. In these videos, we discover the four friends who dive in the midst of impressive fish (yes, sharks are not mammals): bulldog sharks, great white sharks, longimane sharks… In other words, the species known as the most dangerous in the planet.

“When you see a shark swimming underwater, the fear disappears immediately. I think snorkeling or diving with sharks is the best way to get a positive message across.”

On each of their new excursions, the divers make sure not to disturb the sharks. They dive in clear water and in broad daylight, without sudden movements, without shiny objects and always calm. Precautions so that the imposing fish does not feel threatened by this human presence.

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