Presidential: 4 things to know before taking part in an election count

Participating in the counting of the polling station is a rich and interesting social act. Would you like to count the votes for the second round of the presidential elections, next Sunday, April 24, and discover in preview which of Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen won the vote in your office? Follow the leader.

What is counting?

As the French government site reminds us Public lifeto count “means all operations that make it possible in a polling station to count the votes and announce the result of an election† This is therefore a very important moment in the context of an election.

Who can participate in the count?

The count must be done in public. This allows all voters to be present and participate. Are, also and obligatory, members of the bureau and representatives of the candidates and candidates present. The people who participate in the count are appointed on their side as tellers

How to be appointed as a teller?

To take up the position of teller, it is sufficient to report to a member of the bureau during the vote or to come to the closing of his post office.

What are the different phases of counting?

A count follows very strict rules to ensure correct counting of the ballots. The site of the French administration recalls these different phases:

  • count the signatures (by the members of the bureau): the number of signatures of people who voted must correspond to the number of ballot papers in the ballot box,
  • count the envelopes in the ballot box and divide them into blocks of 100 (by the members of the bureau),
  • open envelopescount the votes for each candidate and the blank ballots True dummies

For this step, groups of 4 tellers are formed at counting tables. One opens the envelopes and unfolds the ballot papers, the other reads the name on the ballot (or declares the ballot blank or invalid). The other two report each piece of information on an official document.

When the tellers have stripped all the envelopes, they have to sign the counting form, as the Ministry of the Interior reminds us this time.

The last step is to drawing up the minutescomes to formalize the results of the polling station.

Did this article get you excited to attend the vote count on April 24?

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