Tired of buying your products? How about making them yourself?

While more and more consumers are questioning the ingredients of their products, many are now turning to “DIY”. From cosmetic products to treats to enjoy with loved ones (or not), this trend makes it possible to return to products of natural origin while promoting manual activity. Ideal to spend your weekends away from the screens and taste the satisfaction of creation.

Do you dream of learning the art of DIY through a playful and fun activity? Problem: You don’t have the knowledge and you don’t have the necessary equipment? Forget your worries thanks to Wecandoo, a platform that has selected for you the best “handmade” workshops in all of France. Whether you want to make your own soap or indulge in a more creative activity such as pottery making, Wecandoo forges bonds between artisans and apprentices. The opportunity to discover a know-how and meet new people around a convivial and creative moment.

And if you’re out of inspiration or overwhelmed by the shame of choice, here’s a selection of 5 workshops you shouldn’t miss.

Introduction to ceramics

Who has never dreamed of enjoying an herbal tea in a bowl made by them? If this is your case, discover this ceramic wheel initiation workshop by Asami, a ceramist from Paris.

Thanks to the ceramist’s teaching you will learn to chase air bubbles out of your clay balls and gradually get a perfectly turned bowl.

You will then have to wait three weeks before you can get your bowl back (the time of the two preparations that Asami performs). Cost of the initiation: 50 euros per person. Attention, do not forget to come in a comfortable outfit, adapted to the workshop (such as leggings or pants). Find all the information on the Wecandoo website.

Photo: Wecandoo

Make an ikebana

Japanese plant art, ikebana is “a plant composition that translates into the artist’s creations, emotions and feelings” as explained by Natalia, artisan florist. In her workshop organized in Toulouse, the florist offers you to create your own and unique ikebana, conveying to you this technique of plant composition according to Japanese tradition.

The initiation takes an hour and a half. For more information about this workshop, click on this link. Price: 49 euros per person.

Photo: Wecandoo

make soap

Cold saponification is an artisanal technique that preserves the benefits of the oils used in soap making. To introduce you to this technique, Agnès, a soap maker, offers you a workshop in Strasbourg.

Coating a mould, weighing, melting raw materials and learning to “trace” and pour your dough: you get to work in all phases of making your own soap. After 4 hours of practice and discussions about the soap factory, you can leave with 900 g of your own soap. More information is available here. Price of the workshop: 70 euros.

Photo: Wecandoo

Discovery of the baker’s trade

The bakery is a tradition of French culture. To make your croissants and chocolates, Emmanuel offers to reveal all his manufacturing secrets, from the dough to the cooking, including “the rise”. The opportunity to discover a profession and a passion during a 4-hour workshop in Lyon. Register for this workshop by clicking here. Price of the workshop: 120 euros per person.

Photo: Wecandoo

Manufacture of a glass jewel

To discover the craft of glassmaker, there is nothing better than to dive into crafting your own object. Théophile, glassworker, offers you a workshop of two and a half hours to create your own personalized jewel. During this initiation you will learn to tame the torch and blow your loved one. A unique experience organized in Nancy at the price of 100 euros per person. For more information click here.

Photo: Wecandoo

Whether it’s to please yourself or to please your loved ones, all occasions are good! Discover now other workshops throughout France by visiting the Wecandoo website

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