PETA Offers “Fake Fat” Production Training to Difficult Breeders

A tough year for farmers and employees in the foie gras industry. More than 15 million poultry were slaughtered in France this year with the bird flu epidemic. The consequences and economic benefits for the entire sector are already being felt. So, to support the entire industry, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) came up with a funny proposal: financier training in the production of “faux grass”. Objective: To encourage the retraining of industry players and save the lives of millions of waterfowl whose livers are doomed to end up on our plates.

“The association has written to the Interprofessional Committee for Palmipeds with Foie Gras (CIFOG) to invite its members to train in the production of faux gras, a plant-based version of the traditional French dish, an activity that would benefit professionals in the sector, consumers and animals, and which would also prevent the possibility of a devastating pandemic in France”we can read in a press release from the association for the defense of animals.

The latter also recalls that, according to her, “cruelty is inherent in the production of foie gras”† Clear :

Geese and ducks spend the last weeks of their lives force-fed through long metal tubes pushed down their throats that pour huge amounts of grain directly into their stomachs to cause fatty liver disease – their livers get sick and swell to 10 times their normal size .”


It remains to be seen who the most important stakeholders will respond to the association’s appeal.

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