Elisabeth Borne, new prime minister, encourages little girls to “chase their dreams”

On Monday, May 16, Elisabeth Borne was appointed Prime Minister. She replaces Jean Castex at Matignon, becoming the second French woman to hold this position. During her acceptance speech, she dedicated her nomination “to all the little girls”encourage them to “chase their dreams. †

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In 1991 Edith Cresson was appointed Prime Minister under the Mitterand government, a first in France. It will therefore have taken 31 years before a woman was reappointed to this position. As of yesterday, the time has come: Elisabeth Borne has been appointed as head of government.

During her handover speech, she dedicated her nomination to “ to all the little girls by encouraging them to follow their dreams† ” According to West Franceshe also explained that she “ a thought for the first woman to hold these positions, Édith Cresson† †

Edith Cresson responded this morning in an exclusive interview for Point† She claimed that Elisabeth Borne… “fully capable” to hold this position. According to her, “the political class has not changed” In France, “She is extremely misogynistic, unlike the French population. †

Before concluding: “The positive side is that we encourage other women to take an interest in politics. †

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