Organic, vegan and waste-free, these sustainable deodorants come out of Printemps Haussmann

Responsible and zero-waste products are gradually emerging from marginality to win the hearts and growing ecological awareness of the French. Demonstration with the cosmetics of wild children preparing for a remarkable and remarkable entry into the heart of a famous French institution: Printemps Haussmann.

Photo: Wild children – Ketty Line

wild children, these are liquid cosmetic products packaged in refillable and reusable glass bottles. With this brand, no more plastic containers that fill our garbage cans before they end up in nature. It doesn’t seem like much, but for our environment it changes everything. As a reminder, note in particular that 55,000 tons of plastic bottles are thrown away every year and that 91% of this astronomical amount of waste ends up in nature, in other words in our rivers, our streams and our oceans, but also on land. On his site it says Green Peace openly denounces the consequences of this pollution:

“Plastic waste is just as problematic on land as it is on the high seas: it fills landfills, clogs waterways and causes pollution when incinerated in the open or in incinerators. In addition, some plastics contain and emit hazardous chemicals, which also pose a risk to wildlife and populations.”

Photo: Wild children

It is to curb these ravages that wild children have developed deodorants whose bottles are infinitely reusable.

How it works ? Response from the wild children:

“The roll-on bottle is purchased once. Customers then purchase refills once their bottle is empty. They clean their bottle and fill it. They send us their empty refills back. We collect them for reuse.”

You got it, it’s as simple as hello! Did you have to think about it? Still had to act.

William, co-founder of the brand, explains the origin of the project:

“3 years ago I wanted to stop using industrial deodorants. I turned to organic and natural deodorants, but after testing a lot of them, I ran into a problem: they just weren’t effective enough for me. Many of my acquaintances had the same problem. I understood that no one was offering a deodorant suitable for those who wanted to go natural while maintaining high efficiency!”

Photo: Wild children – Ketty Line

Two years of research and development later, the Wild Children’s natural, organic, vegan and zero-waste deodorants are finally becoming a reality. Today, therefore, they are taking another step by crossing the doors of the prestigious Printemps Haussmann store. A real recognition for a product that is useful, healthy and sustainable.

Photo: Wild children – Ketty Line

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