This 30-year-old autodidact renovated a truck to make it his home

Jérôme Delarre’s house rolls over the road, is 11 meters long and weighs 19 tons. Its peculiarity? This is a truck that has been completely renovated by this self-taught handyman. Inside, the 37-year-old man has exceptional comfort: entrance, kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom with dressing room fit into these few square meters. Jérôme Delarre, a former sound engineer, has been running Campingtrucks for 4 years, a company specializing in tailor-made equipment for trucks in Haute-Savoie.

Jérôme Delarre chose this way of life ten years ago, he says on the pages of West France† Often on the go because of his work, he can’t help but take with him “all [sa] home every time”. Then he realizes he can “combining business with pleasure”† First, the thirty-something gets into a van. “Then I felt the urge to have more space and comfort. †

This is where he thinks of the heavyweight format. He passes the driver’s license, buys his vehicle and renovates it to turn it into a real house on wheels. To achieve this feat, Jérôme relies on his knowledge of electricity, but trains “working” in plumbing, bodywork and carpentry. “I have learned from my mistakes and learned a lot from qualified people”he says to Ouest-France.

His truck does not go unnoticed, people are interested in his newfound skills and ask him to put his talents to use. “There was immediately a huge demand. My order book was full very quickly”assures the entrepreneur for whom this way of life is much more than a way to save rent.

“The greatest advantage of this way of life is freedom. You can move as you wish. Personally I have traveled a lot in my truck »

Jerome Delarre at West France

The man shares his ongoing renovations on his Facebook page. A nice proof that it is possible to combine passion and profession.

Bye everyone! Construction in progress, progress in the development of the Scania 26t!!! #CampingTrucks #CamionAménagé…

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