Ukraine: do you want to help the population? Here’s how.

While thousands of people have already started to leave the country, Ukraine continues to be attacked from Moscow. A dramatic situation that leaves Europeans petrified, caught between the fear of a new conflict on their territory and the desire to help the population. In France, many associations have already started to support Ukrainians. Here are some ways to get in touch with them.

Welcoming refugees

Refugees from Ukraine are ” welcome said the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen on Thursday 24 February. The associations have not waited to set up shelters here and there in France.

This is how in Anjou, Association Anjou-Lviv, located near Angers, is mobilizing to help the people of the country. Every year it welcomes young students of the Ukrainian dance school Les Joyeux Petits Souliers. It is therefore very natural that she has set up a reception system for dancers and their families with the help of another association of the same name. To contact the organization and give it material or financial support, click here.

further west, the Vendée-Ukraine association entrusted Thursday 24 February to: France 3 its intention to take in Ukrainian refugees. She who sent so far” basic needs such as small medical equipment »testifies to the gradual closure of the borders and the increasing difficulty of entering Ukraine.

Make a material donation

in the southwest, the Catalan association Alliance Occitanie Ukraine prepares to transport an emergency convoy of basic necessities. “We need bandages, compresses, infusions, even if the expiration date has passed. But also food, clothing. We will also be posting an online pussy on our Facebook page for anyone who wants to help us and make financial donations.explains Guillaume Lopez, communications officer and treasurer of the association.

Since 2014, the Franco-Ukrainian Medical and Charitable Association also sends humanitarian convoys. It is committed to providing care and assistance to injured children, psychological support to the population, exchange of medical know-how and organizing summer camps for orphans.

On its Facebook page, the association invites anyone who wishes to participate through a donation of medical equipment or a financial incentive. To participate in their collection, it is here.

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Make a donation to a dedicated association

Many other associations help the Ukrainian people. Funding them with a donation is a simple and effective way to get involved with them. We can mention among others:

The Red Cross

On its website, the International Committee of the Red Cross states that: “As far as the security situation allows, the ICRC is responding to urgent humanitarian needs and must be able to continue its rescue work. † This aid aims to give 3 million people access to drinking water and “The living conditions of more than 66,000 people whose homes have been damaged by fierce fighting are improving. †

To support the action of the Geneva-based NGO, it is here.


The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) works around the world to help children who face horrific life situations. Through its four offices on either side of the frontline, the NGO helps the Ukrainian population in various areas:

  • Repair of schools and water points damaged by the bombing
  • Supporting the healthcare system
  • Psychosocial support for families

To fund their actions you can make a donation via this link.

The Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund

It is one of the United Nations’ national common funds. The goal is to raise money that will be redistributed directly to organizations in Ukraine. “Funds are immediately and immediately available to a wide range of partner organizations on the frontline of response. In this way, the money goes to the people who need it most,” the UN says on its website.

To make a donation it is here.

You now have the resources to commit. It is your turn !

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