March 8: Seine-Saint-Denis gives women’s names to 108 public buildings and parks

The date was not chosen arbitrarily. Today, March 8, 2022, is International Women’s Day. On this occasion, the Bobigny Departmental Labor Exchange will change its name to that of Clara Zetkin, teacher, journalist and German politician who first proposed in 1910 to institute this awareness day. By 2024, 107 other buildings in Seine-Saint-Denis will be named after a woman.

This decision by the department should ensure better representation of women in public space. For now, only about 30 public institutions bear the name of a famous woman of the nearly 400 buildings in Seine-Saint-Denis, reports News Seine-Saint-Denis

“Women’s visibility is an important issue of equality, re-appropriation of public space and rethinking the essential and remarkable contribution of women to our society”reacted Stéphane Troussel (PS), the president of the department.

It’s not about dethroning a man to replace him with a woman who commands the ward. The 108 places affected by the measure currently bear user names. So there was a place up for grabs.

The choice of name will be collegial. Elected officials of the municipalities and employees of each establishment will be able to decide on the choice of the selected personality. Residents of Seine-Saint-Denis will also be consulted about the names of the parks. In addition to Clara Zetkin, other female personalities such as Simone Veil, Frida Kahlo, Oum Kalthoum or Agnès Varda could also enter the pantheon of the department.

In 2022, about twenty places should be renamed during a commemoration or holiday linked to the identity of the chosen woman.

And you, which woman would you like to immortalize?

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