MaPrimeRénov’: all about the bonus of 1000 euros for the installation of a boiler

MaPrimeRénov’ is a government scheme that provides support for energy renovation. Faced with the consequences of the war in Ukraine and the rise in energy prices, this aid is reinforced by an increase of 1,000 euros for certain heating appliances.

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Reduce your dependence on fossil fuels

The purpose of MaPrimeRénov’s support is to encourage the use of renewable energy sources. Households that replace a fossil fuel boiler with renewable energy equipment can benefit from this. As part of the State’s resilience plan, a bonus of 1,000 euros will be added to the support that already exists for this type of work. The newspaper The world paired device pertaining to the following equipment:

  • Self-fed and manually fed biomass boilers
  • Heating and domestic hot water production equipment powered by solar thermal energy
  • Geothermal heat pumps that recover heat from the earth or groundwater
  • Solar thermal pumps, ie equipped with solar panels to collect the heat from their surroundings
  • Air-to-water heat pumps, which recover calories from the air to heat water for radiators

Who is eligible?

MaPrimeRénov’ is accessible to all owners, whether they live in their house or rent it out. The amount of the bonus is calculated on the basis of two criteria: the family income and the ecological gain achieved after the renovation works. Support varies according to four income categories, categorized by a color code ranging from blue for the most modest households to pink for the wealthiest. As for the bonus of 1,000 euros, it only concerns the first three categories: the pink disc will not be able to receive this increase. In the regions, for example, the bonus stops with households that receive up to 29,148 euros per year for a single person. To check your profile, you can use the auxiliary simulator.

A little common sense

This help is fully effective if your home is well insulated and has optimal energy performance. Please note: since 2005, energy suppliers have been able to offer private individuals financial assistance to finance all or part of their energy-saving work in their home. These are Energy Saving Certificates (CEE), another energy renovation tool that can be combined with MaPrimeRénov’.

To enjoy the bonus, you can submit a file from Friday 15 April until the end of 2022.

Because the energy transition is everyone’s business, spread the word!

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