Ekoïa: How about protecting your smartphone with an infinitely recyclable French shell?

Rethinking everyday objects to make them non-disposable and thus end the idea of ​​waste: this is the project that Jean-Charles and Maxime, the two founders of Ekoïa, started. To carry out their mission, they decided to tackle the pollution caused by the most important accessory of our smartphones by creating the Infinite Shell, a reusable and infinitely recyclable shell. Spotlight on makers who make the circular economy the central pillar of their company.

Who are you and what do you do?

We are Jean-Charles and Maxime, the founders of Ekoïa. We have traveled extensively abroad and it is our experiences in Indonesia and Lebanon that have marked us the most in terms of plastic pollution.

It was then that we began to ask ourselves serious questions: why do we consume? more and more plastic † How come the only solution we’ve found is to sell our waste to countries that can’t manage it? Why is only 9% of the plastic produced in the world today recycled?

Can you introduce us? Ekoia

Ekoïa wants to accelerate the transition to a circular economy and create a future in which the concept of waste will no longer exist. For this, the challenge Ekoïa has set herself is to rethink everyday objects to make them non-disposable.

The first of these items is the Infinite Shell, a reusable and infinitely recyclable smartphone case† The choice for a smartphone case is not trivial. More than two billion people in the world are equipped with a smartphone and there are just as many shells in circulation, but it is not uncommon for them to be swapped out several times over time. life cycle from a telephone. It is therefore a universal objectconsumed in large numbers, which could become a totem of this transition to a circular economy.

Our shell is sent for recycling† The concept is based on a closed cycle in the circular economy. The Infinite Case protects smartphones to keep them as long as possible.

Photo: Ekoia

When our customers change their smartphone, all they have to do is send it back to us for full recycling. and become the resource to create a new case!

To achieve such a result, it was necessary to think about the end of the life of the hull from the very design. Unlike the classic design of a product, we had a reflection for think end of product life from design† Innovative reasoning based on the principles of the circular economy – as opposed to traditional product development.

Why did you decide to embark on this adventure?

At the origin of the project, we have a real ambition, that of come from “all disposable”† For us, it is a real challenge to rethink the way we make and consume our everyday objects to make them virtuous for the planet. The principles ofcircular economy provide an excellent framework for this.

Only 29% of plastic is recycled in France. Yet nowadays we see more and more brands that their products are recyclable. Are they really recycled? Our challenge is therefore to show that a company can be responsible for the products it markets by managing end-of-life.

Photo: Ekoia

What message do you want to go through Ekoia?

La Coque Infinie will not solve the problem of plastic pollution alone. But it’s proof that every object can make a difference.

You have to protect your smartphone † Meeting on the Ekoia website to discover models from Infinite, the reusable and recyclable hull inspired by nature

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